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At Next Gen events, all participants are provided a personalized experience including 1:1 'Mentor Sessions.' During these meetings, participants have the opportunity to sit down with successful, knowledgeable, and experienced mentors to ask about a select subject matter (equity crowdfunding, publishing, manufacturing, social media marketing, etc). We're often told that our Office Hours are the most rewarding part of events, as these sessions are designed to provide high-impact feedback and guidance in areas our entrepreneurs most need help.  

Before the event begins, participants opt-in for Mentor Sessions by selecting areas they’re looking for help in. This means that an attendee has selected you as a mentor based on your bio, topic, and availability. Sessions last ~15 minutes each, and we encourage all participants to come to their session prepared with specific questions for their mentor. Often, Mentors will exchange information with participants to continue the dialogue post-Summit, though this is optional.

We are so grateful for your interest to mentor at Startup Summit!

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