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Meet Zach DeBottis - Passive Income Enthusiast and Media Producer.

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What is your best advice to a younger entrepreneur hoping to follow in your footsteps?

Stay focused, be content but never be satisfied, and always be eager to learn more.

When thinking about this question, a million things come to mind, but of them all those three are the most important to me.

The most important piece of advice I could ever give, no matter the craft, is to stay focused. When starting a business, it is often a go-to that you have to tackle all areas right away to rise above the competition as quick as possible. In reality, that rarely ever works. It is extremely important to stay focused and master your craft because if you spread your focus too thin you may just lose your grip on what you're truly good at. If you bounce around trying all the "get rich quick schemes" you will find yourself at a dead end every time and eventually will find that true success takes time and consistent effort. Be persistent and manifest your focus and I can promise you will start to see all your hard work pay off!

Being content with your work is certainly good for your self esteem, however being satisfied can be detrimental to your craft. Without the desire for more you will end up never achieving your goals because you never set the bar high enough. Being satisfied means you have become okay with being average and are not striving to be the best of the best, and therefore are not furthering your craft to it's endless potential. If you learn to never be satisfied with your work you will, over time, naturally crave to do better and therefore always be trying and most importantly failing and re-trying. Always recognize the good work you've done but also recognize you did not do the BEST work. Through persistence and consistency things will fall into place, but even then should you be satisfied? The answer is NEVER!

Seeking help from others is extremely important in any venture. Starting your own business can be difficult and overwhelmingly stressful but with the right advice it can make a huge difference. I suggest finding a mentor who is established and interested in sharing their knowledge with you in order to truly maximize how you approach the roadblocks that life and business throw at you. Although it is good to take any opportunity to learn from someone, having one person you look up to as your mentor and establishing a connection like no other with that person is essential and can really provide pivotal direction during your journey.

In what ways do you support your personal development?

Personal development is equally as important as developing your brand. Being well rounded is extremely important when being an entrepreneur because it enables you to be the best version of yourself every day, on and off the field. If you have poor daily habits, it is going to reflect upon your business habits in more ways than you can imagine. For example, if you are not watching what you eat during the day and are eating terrible fatty foods in the morning, you are going to slow yourself down beyond measure which hinders your ability to progress your business and accomplish goals. 

There is a saying that I often refer to that almost all of you have heard, "Before you assist others, always put your oxygen mask on first", this is a saying that all airlines say before lift off, and it speaks volume. If you cannot help yourself first you will never be able to help others, and this parallels your business in that if you are not in good health and standing your business will fall as you do. Think about it, whats the point in progressing your business and allowing yourself to fall behind? Even though putting countless hours of focus into your business is important, taking time out of the day to make sure you are healthy is essential if you want to maintain your ability to progress and grow. Although we all love our crafts (hopefully) you should also take time to love yourself. Once you find this balance between business and personal development you become ready to take on any obstacle you face. 

I personally support my own personal development by taking time out of my day to make sure i'm well nourished, rested and maintain a good balance between work and time to clear my head.

It is important to create a daily regime for yourself that lays out what you'll eat, when you'll eat, coordinated small breaks, goals to accomplish, and time to think to yourself and reflect.

For example, I do small things like ignoring my phone when I wake up in the morning to maintain a clear mind (if you didn't know, looking at social media in the morning overloads your brain with information and halfway through the day you are more likely to be tired and unable to make good decisions), I make sure I take 20 minute breaks every two and a half hours of straight work to help maintain focus, and I make sure to eat a balanced breakfast and lunch to preserve clarity and to make sure I'm not weighed down by overly fatty foods, even though they're delicious.

This is just a small portion of my daily regime, but in short it is important to set limitations for yourself to repeat daily in order to condition your mind for an entrepreneurs rigorous lifestyle.

Who is a mentor that has changed your life? How and why?

Bailey Pryor, Founder & CEO of Telemark Films, Warren Miller Entertainment, and The Real McCoy Rum, is a pioneer in the Film and Rum industry and has been my biggest inspiration and mentor since I was a young boy. I grew up with Bailey as a father figure, teaching me the routes of entrepreneurship before I even knew what "entrepreneur" meant. Bailey has made over 150 documentaries in his life time, helped make everyones favorite childhood movie, Home Alone, and many many other famous movies and TV series that I'm sure you have seen.

Bailey Pryor has helped me understand what it's like to be an entrepreneur since my very first business when I was 12, and I couldn't ever thank him enough for all the knowledge he constantly is bestowing onto me. He is my idol and by far the person I look up to the most in my life, and to be able to say that my media company has helped him film for his most recent documentary to release in the Spring of 2019 is something I never imagined. 

I am beyond grateful to be able to call Bailey not only my mentor but a father figure and one of my best friends.

On a side note, I really want to highlight how important it is to find a mentor that you can establish a real connection with, who you can learn to prosper and grow with. In the entrepreneur world, you are constantly going to get shut down on your ideas and having someone by your side who is already established to help push you, give you feedback, and help direct you is extremely important.

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