Spotlight on Wasim Abu Salem

Meet Wasim Abu Salem - founder of Loop, a social enterprise teaching children how to code. Learn more about his international speaking experience and passion for law. 


Tell us about Loop and why you started it. 

Loop is an unprecedented social enterprise that uses creativity to solve a social problem in a sustainable way. Our Mission: Simply, Mentoring Children to Code the Future. Loop is a unique social initiative, impact-driven enterprise that offers tech hubs and incubators to children (7-18) to develop their startups and learn coding at an early age. When I was 13 years old, I wanted to learn more about computer science and coding so I can develop some tech ideas at an early age; unfortunately, I found no help, courses or any organization that could assist me to do that. That was the moment when I knew that I need to create a solution and offer it to the next generations that may face the same problem as I faced: personalized education and mentorship programs in order to bring tech-education and modern education concepts together. Today, Loop is the first and only social initiative that promotes tech-education in a modern way (8000+ student ages 7-18). Loop is engaging the whole community in making a better future (University Students, School children, parents and Tech companies) and making them part of the Loop as described in the following images:


Our Campuses offer an unprecedented modern environment for children while providing Tech-education to all age groups; providing mentorship programs and personalized approaches so we can invest in children in the best way we can through fun activities, challenges and the modern environment. 


You've spoken at many conferences internationally - what was your favorite speaking topic, and can you share with us what you said?

One of my favorite speeches was during the OYW summit in Canada where I shared the story behind Loop and talked about our mission as young leaders in providing the needed tools to the next generations so they can face the unknown future:


Tell us about the work you do in law!

It is very interesting to combine Tech & Law together, especially when talking about Cyber security & Privacy issues. In addition to other businesses I have, I am very passionate about my work as a lawyer specializing in such modern and challenging field: The law faces huge challenges to keep up with the rapid development of technology, making it difficult to predict the exact threats of future technologies and develop ways and tools to tackle them: Governments, Industries and many individuals could be victims to cyber threats at any moment.

Haley Smith