Spotlight on Victor Luo

Meet Victor Luo: The Founder of tech startup Bound who's providing a solution to tardiness for today's largest organizations and top companies so they can do more.

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What company story has inspired your entrepreneurial career?

I think it's so sick how Instagram started.

Many people don't know that for pretty much its first year, Instagram had a few thousand users at most. They secured their first investor at around a hundred users. Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger let their process guide them.

Yeah, they faced tons of bugs and server crashes when first starting, but they still stayed true to their process: identify what draws their people to the app and not what makes people not want to download their app. Then capitalize on that.

I try to emulate as much of their process at Bound. We run on the lean methodology and take everyday step by step. We learn from setbacks, regain ourselves, and grind even harder. A lot of Instagram's story is present in our company's fast-paced, relentless work culture and that has allowed us to all stay focused on our mission: to provide a punctuality solution to help any group or organization do more.

How do you prioritize self-care?

This is one thing I started prioritizing more and more recently. I find the most important thing for me is maintaining my hectic work schedule while finding ways to fit in self-care. I meditate in the mornings to start with a clear mind. I find time between long work-sessions to take quick breaks. If I'm seriously crunched on time, I just close my eyes and take long breaths for a couple of minutes.

On weekends, I try finding time to go out with friends. My mindset of working has changed pretty significantly. Yeah, it's about the grind but living a sustainable lifestyle will allow you to comfortably put in even more work, and have a lot more fun in the process.

What does your morning routine look like?

I try to start my days at around 6 AM. I wash my face to wake myself up and start my coffee maker. 

While it's brewing, I meditate of 10 minutes using a guided meditation app. I have a lot of thoughts jumbled in my head so I find that meditation lets me clear up my head and gets me focused for the day. 

I grab my coffee and I hop into the shower while it cools. By the time I get out, its 7 AM. I get in some studying or work before I head to the office or to class.

Sunday afternoon nirvana: Frisbee in Central Park!
Breakfast of Champions: Taiwanese breakfast
Idol: Steve Jobs

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