Spotlight on Tom Wanty

Meet Tom Wanty: With a passion for entrepreneurship, Tom is converting ideas to reality everywhere from his internship to his senior year at Duke University.


What made you interested in being an entrepreneur?

To me, the most exciting aspect of being an entrepreneur is having an idea on paper that you can then convert to being a reality. Staying on a project from conception to its actual implementation is something quite unique to entrepreneurs. Further, the ability to be constantly evolving and growing as a company is very exciting. Startups grow at an extremely fast pace and so no day in the life of an entrepreneur is ever the same. It certainly keeps you engaged and on your toes.

What do you do whilst commuting?

Whilst commuting I usually put my headphones in and unwind. I’m an avid music listener and so I use journey time as a great way to finally sit down and listen to a Spotify playlist or two. I try to make playlists based on my different moods, so I tend to go through a lot of genres quickly.

What are some ways you keep motivated? (Not necessarily work-related)

I find that surrounding yourself with very ambitious people is a great catalyst for staying motivated. Hearing peers’ and friends’ success stories is a great inspiration for me to keep me extremely energized in the work I do. On top of that, I love watching Ted Talks see what some of the brightest minds on various subjects have to say.

Go-to comfort food? Kraft Mac And Cheese.

Cook or eat-out? Eat-out, although I wish I could cook.

What are you obsessed with listening to right now? Ari Lennox.

Alex Gordon