Spotlight on Swarnav S. Pujari

Meet Swarnav S. Pujari - Founder of Touchlight Innovations, a power generation solutions company focused on advancing the energy economy.


Tell us about Touchlight Innovations.

TouchLight Innovations is a power generation solutions company focused on advancing the energy economy by driving the adoption of in-house developed & partner distributed energy generation solutions that enable commercial property owners self-generate electricity on-site. 

TouchLight has developed an in-floor energy tile which can increase power capacity on properties by turning parking lots into power plants. 

The energy tile is the key to getting properties off the grid as traditional methods of on-site generation do not guarantee the property to be off-grid, by tapping into thousands of square feet of real estate that hasn't been tapped into previously we can help commercial property owners turn investing in Energy Generation into a valuable CapEx investment to create a new form of revenue as opposed to just reducing their OpEx.

In what ways do you support your personal development?

I personally make decisions to learn and spend time on tasks based on what I want to be know for. I always ask myself how I would like to be introduced to a new individual I meet. If I want to be known as a social media influencer I would focus my time daily on reading or doing tasks to get there. 

Its my version of a vision board. I remind myself of who I want to be as an individual down to a granular level and make sure everything I do each day helps me get closer to meeting all the goals I need to be that individual. I use this often to help me make any key decisions that could change who I am.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Changing the way the world generates electricity. 

I have always been in love with the energy, real estate and manufacturing industries. My goal is that people know me for the impact I make on those industries as I push to achieve my core goal of helping everyone self-generate electricity independently. The infrastructure around us all will transform drastically over the next century and I intend to be a part of change.

Haley Smith