Spotlight on Next Gen @ Raleigh Chapter Manager Sunny Su

Meet Sunny Su, the Next Gen @ Raleigh Chapter Manager: Based in the Raleigh-Durham area or the ‘triangle,’ Sunny is committing his term to bring the diverse cities and universities of the region together for collaboration and unity.

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What is special about the entrepreneurial scene in your city? 

I'm based in the Raleigh-Durham area, or collectively referred to as "The Triangle", in North Carolina, the 42nd largest city according to the US Census Bureau. Most cities are lucky to have one startup accelerator--and Raleigh alone has 4 (5 including!). Inc Magazine says that almost every big company has an office here with global universities like NCState, UNC, and Duke all in a 30min radius of one another contributing top talent to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Although Forbes only considers Raleigh to be the 4th top city for young entrepreneurs in the US, if we factor in the high quality of life and decent cost of living, the warm and inclusive community-centric atmosphere, as well as our long and rich technology heritage (big thanks to Research Triangle Park), The Triangle may arguably be an even better area in the US to start a technology or information business than Silicon Valley.

What's the most exciting local resource in your Local Resource Guide? 

Though I'm biased and submit my vote for the strategic innovation studio I work for (, my next vote would have to go to the Triangle Venture Alliance, RiOT, and NC IDEA. TVA is a collective comprised of the Angel Investor networks of The Triangle's top 4 universities. is the east coast's largest non-profit IOT organization that seeks to connect the ecosystem and contribute to economic growth. NC IDEA invests grant monies in new ventures all over the region.

What can local entrepreneurs expect from your leadership this year?

2 main things: first, to further bring the region together and align us under a common brand and vision for The Triangle; and second, to overcome the negative stigmas currently plaguing NC in general and shine as a global beacon for connectedness--from connected technologies to connected communities.

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Haley Smith