Spotlight on Steph Voong

Meet Steph Voong - The founder of Ikenga Media, she's a digital marketing strategist and social media expert.


When did you first become enthralled with social media?

When I was at Syracuse my friends would always make fun of me for always posting on Facebook & Twitter. It was when I launched my first startup which was a coat checking business on campus called Check It! I used social media to spread the word about our launch date across campus and people actually showed up the first weekend we opened. This was when my passion for social media marketing was born. And over the years, I’ve just grown to love social media more and more with the new tech releases and marketing tools.


What are your best tips for digital marketing for someone who is just starting out?

Start building your personal brand first and make sure your social media accounts are branded and consistent.

Become a storyteller online. People connect with people and storytelling is the best way to build your tribe.

Make sure you have a website, even if it’s a landing page with a simple mailing optin.

Find a way to stand out in the digital marketing world. You have 3 seconds to capture someone’s attention. Do whatever your competitor isn’t doing!


Tell us about your journey to starting Ikenga Media.

Ikenga Media is my 2nd company I’m focusing on now. Ikenga Media has grown into a full-service digital marketing agency. My first social media company that I launched 5 years ago. I had to find a way to stand out being a “Social Media Strategist” so I started introducing myself as “The Social Media Queen” and it just stuck to me ever since. I worked on social media campaigns for events/conferences, where I got some events to trend on Twitter- including #NGS2016 at #2! Because of the #SocialMediaQueen™ brand, i started getting clients from referrals, social media & events. Social media marketing is just one piece of the digital marketing cake. So I decided to follow my big vision, build a team and transform my one-woman startup into a digital marketing agency. I’m really excited to see where Ikenga Media will be in 5 years.

Haley Smith