Spotlight on Lane Sutton

Meet Lane Sutton - branding and marketing expert who has worked for the likes of Disney, TripAdvisor, and Hubspot.

When did you first become interested in marketing? 

I had a blog where I wrote reviews by a kid for kids and families on movies, books, products, and more. A person who I featured in the review asked if I would explain Twitter to her. I sent her a bunch of tips and she didn’t understand any of it. She asked if I would train her for $10 an hour by phone. Of course, I said yes. #dreamjob. I helped her launch her social media presence, build a blog, edit her posts, and she grew her following to over 10,000 organically. From there, I began attending events, got asked to speak, and do some small consulting. My first W2 in marketing was at HubSpot where I learned the ins and outs of inbound, strategize, and manage their social as an intern. 


Tell us about the branding work you've done at major companies. 

I saw an opportunity in recruiting, talent acquisition, and HR to attract talent by building employer brand. Every company has their product or corporate brand, but they also have an employer brand. It is how companies compete for talent or why a candidate may prefer one employer to another. I applied my marketing perspective to HR (recruiting is actually similar to sales) to strategize talent attraction and execute a recruitment marketing plan. 

What is your best advice to a startup or entrepreneur trying to brand and market themselves?

Build relationships first. Prove your value, how you can help them, create and share good content, give them reason to believe, and promote yourself last.

Haley Smith