Spotlight on Winter Green: Whatever It Takes

About the Whatever It Takes Program:

Meet Anika from San Diego, Ether from St. Louis, Winter Green from NYC, and Avni from Austin - four young women with unique backgrounds and entrepreneurial ideas with one thing in common: they are members of the incredible Whatever It Takes program. Founded by Sarah Hernholm, the program hinges on the belief that young people can do more and have a greater sense of self-efficacy if they learn how to be social entrepreneurs. WIT, the only 6 unit college credit social entrepreneur and leadership program for high school teens in the country, helps teens design and launch, manage and measure, a social enterprise. Based in San Diego, California, with locations in New York City, Austin, and St. Louis, WIT also hosts teen only hackathons (Smart City Saturday) and puts the power into the teens’ hands with the 2018 launch of WIT Crew - a teen led “club” providing teens the platform and tools to make a social impact in their community, while being connected to the resources and mentorship of the WIT network. 

Meet Winter Green of the Whatever It Takes Program, who uses her voice to make a difference in today's political landscape. Her business, GetPolitical, motivates engagement and engagement amongst today's youth in politics.

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Tell us about yourself!

My name is Winter Green, and I can assure you my name is just as intriguing as my character. I’m 17, A natural leader, a bit snarky, outspoken, but most of all dedicated. I’m an entrepreneur, a student-athlete, lover of makeup, debate, and politics. A fun fact about me is I’m the third out of seven children. In my house, if you want your voice to be heard you must fight for it- so it’s safe to say I can fight for what I want. The person who I described is one I had to work incredibly hard to be proud of. I wasn’t always confident, and it’s so bizarre to me how I went from someone who hardly spoke in class to someone who thrives in public speaking but, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d like to think this Winter is the best one yet.


Who or what inspired your interest in entrepreneurship?

My father, believe it or not, was the one who inspired my interest. My father is a small business owner; he works diligently to ensure that my siblings, my mother and I are taken care of. He defies societal expectations about him and that is what makes him even more of an inspiration to me. The societal perception towards an immigrant or a black man is incredibly negative and usually consists of being uneducated or being lazy. This couldn't be further from the case - my Dad manages to be the most intelligent man I know and the most hardworking. He is my inspiration, and I will forever be grateful for him.


Tell us about your business.

GetPolitical is a program that helps the youth become politically active or at the very least politically informed. With the notion held that the youth is the most quintessential aspect of the future I find it to be my civic duty to ensure that the teens and young adults are properly educated. GetPolitical does just that, with different educational options for our customers with a twang of social media outreach. It doesn't take a lot to do a mere Google search but getting teenagers to the stage of wanting to Google what is going on politically is where the challenge lies. Being owned and operated by a teen makes it a lot easier to reach out to them and get them to be as engaged as the older generation.

GetPolitical actively works to affirm the idea that the youth’s voice is not only one of value but it is heard clearly. This is an issue a lot of teens combat - not only in the political realm but in every aspect of their lives. The youth must be adequately educated without a bias on issues they are passionate about, and most educators do not do this. At GetPolitical we make it our priority to provide nonpartisan information. We also allow teens to discuss issues in a calm, inclusive, and diverse environment. Usually, teenagers have issues with lack of diversity so  we encourage diversity- especially the diversity of thought. A vast majority of teens simply are disinterested in politics so GetPolitical seeks to rid teens of their apathetic attitudes.

How do you see the long-term impact of your business?

We are going to change the world. There will no longer be a significant gap between the younger generation and the older generation when it comes to voting and in addition to that people will not have an issue in talking about politics- it won't be considered as taboo. People of all backgrounds will be able to speak about issues that they hold near and dear which will make the political climate less divisive.


Haley Smith