Spotlight on Sophie Beren

Meet Sophie Beren - A Wichita, Kansas native who used her passion for human connection to found TableTalk Global.

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Tell us about TableTalk Global.

TableTalk Global helps students create spaces and avenues for conversation and connection on college and high school campuses, outside of the classroom. Today’s world is often segmented into echo chambers of like-minded individuals, and TableTalk hopes to reverse this culture on campus by helping students, faculty, and community members alike make meaningful connections outside of their typical groups. In our quest to reinvigorate face-to-face conversation, TableTalk is dedicated to preparing students for the world beyond their campuses so they can better thrive in our diverse society.

We are creating a comprehensive curriculum to help students talk about the things that matter, beyond the classroom. Our curriculum will empower students to better understand one another, rather than reverting to social media or silence. TableTalk is giving a whole new meaning to word “FaceTime” and we are excited to help students start the conversation!

 If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would it be?

Care less about what other people think. You spent so much time worrying about how others perceived you what others would think of you in every aspect of your life and it was exhausting. Choose to do the things that make YOU happy and surround yourself by the people who make life more meaningful. Be confident in your decisions and be yourself, because yourself is enough.

What was your most life-changing experience?

I spent six hours with strangers at an immersive shared table dinner experience in Stockholm, Sweden. I learned so much about myself through the exploration of the six others at my table and realized that I had so much more in common with them than I would have ever previously thought, even though we all came from different backgrounds and regions of the world. Without even knowing it, we began to break down religious, cultural, and social barriers simply by breaking bread together. It is that easy. This experience solidified my decision to pursue human connection full time and I will always remember the impassioned, inspired feeling I felt at the end of that evening. Now, I am committed to helping others realize the power that lies in conversation and the transformative power in forming connections with those who lie beyond our comfort zones.

 Go-To Strutting Down the Street, Confidence Boost Power Song: I Wanna Dance With Somebody By: Whitney Houston
Your Personal Bible (Book, Magazine): Heart Talk by Cleo Wade
Words you live by: The moment when you realize that the rest of the world doesn't think like you, that's when you grow.

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