Spotlight on Regina Vatterott

Meet Regina Vatterott - Co-Founder and COO of EllieGrid, she is passionate about using entrepreneurship and innovation to make a positive impact.

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What was the first entrepreneurial idea you ever had? Any ideas you’re currently incubating?

The first idea I had was in high school. I wanted to open a boutique that sold eclectic products from impoverished countries but then I went to college and found that this idea already existed under the name of 10,000 Villages. I was pleased to see this rather than upset. I knew more ideas and opportunities would come. 

I am currently the co-founder and COO of EllieGrid. We create empowering health and wellness accessories in hopes of making the world a happier and healthier place. Our first product is Ellie- The Smart Pill Box with Brains & Beauty. Ellie helps users organize all their pills in seconds, receive reminders and track progress. 

In the future, I would love to be able to continue to help create more health and wellness accessories and use my entrepreneurial experience to combat human trafficking.


Who has inspired you most on your entrepreneurial journey?

My faith, family and co-founders.

I grew up with the idea that one's career should also be one's calling and can even be a method of serving others. I am a big fan of the Joan of Arc. If you haven't heard of her, Google her. She was a bad-ass that lived in medieval-France. At least go watch the movie. Anyway, like me, Joan was young when she was called to her uncommon career. She was constantly questioned and doubted due to her gender, age and lack of experience. She was like, "Look. I don't really want to be here either. I was happy at home on the farm but guess what, you're all kinda stuck with me cause I have a duty to my country". Obviously, that's not a direct quote. I wasn't there but there is no proof to my knowledge that she did not say it just like that so I will continue to imagine that she did. The point is, as a female founder, it helps to have role models who are brave and pioneers in their "battle"-field. 

I also would not have been able to persist without the encouragement from family and push from my co-founders!

What are your top strategies for networking?

The best and longest lasting business relationships start as friendships so be kind, listen, and be a good friend.

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