Spotlight on Noa Mintz

Meet Noa Mintz - not your average entrepreneur. She started her business, "Nannies by Noa", at age 12 , which met booming success - landing her story on front page news and talk shows when she was only in high school. Her incredible entrepreneurial insights and girl boss attitude have only perpetuated her success. 



Tell us about Nannies by Noa.

Nannies by Noa is a full-service New York City nanny placement agency committed to serving families in Manhattan and the tri-state area. What sets Nannies by Noa apart is our focus on each family's individual and unique preferences. At the same time, we listen carefully to the needs of our network of engaging, proactive, and reliable professionals, many of whom bring years of teaching, tutoring, counseling, or arts education experience with them. Since we pay close attention to both prospective employers and employees, we are able to provide personalized matches that benefit both parties. 

You have got to be one of the youngest entrepreneurs out there. How did others respond to your youth?

Actually, I was 12 when I started Nannies by Noa, I was still in middle school. My mom jokes that she thought I was up in my room doing homework when I was really researching how to start a business! She's actually right--I spent a lot of time online reading websites of all different kinds of companies, trying to reverse engineer how they built their strategies and made their decisions. I call that my business-school education. In some ways, my youth worked to my advantage at the very beginning. My clients were intrigued--moms knew that I really understood what they were looking for because I was a New York City kid myself and had great instincts about what kind of nanny would connect with their kids. But as the business grew, I found myself in some awkward, funny situations. For example, my first celebrity client was referred by a client who had neglected to mention my age. The star and I spoke on the phone many times about her placement; she never asked how old I was so I never brought it up. After I had successfully found her someone she loved, she asked if she could take me to lunch to thank me. I told her that I appreciated the invitation but didn't get out of school until 3pm. At first she thought I meant graduate school; she couldn't believe it when I told her I was still in 8th grade! 


What motivates you?

I've always been an entrepreneurial person, from the time I was very young. There is something profoundly satisfying about taking a creative idea and turning it into a reality. With Nannies by Noa, I work very hard to satisfy the families who trust us to find the best caregiver for their kids; it's a huge responsibility that I take very seriously. I'm also deeply committed to working hard on behalf of our nannies. They rely on us to find them a happy and secure work environment; I take that responsibility to heart as well.

Haley Smith