Spotlight on Mobolaji Sokunbi

Meet Mobolaji Sokunbi: Head of Strategic Partnerships for Dell North America Small Business, Mobolaji's entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in creating impact.


Rachel Leigh Gross: Tell us about your current work at Dell!

Mobolaji Sokunbi: I oversee Strategic Partnerships and the Center for Entrepreneurship for Dell Small Business in North America. There are three key initiatives that fall under Dell Small Business - Dell for Entrepreneurs (DFE) program for incubators and startup communities, Small Business Association (SBA) program for non-profits and professional and trade associations and the Dell Expert Network (DEN) program for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Consultants. My day-to-day consists of engaging with Entrepreneurs, Small Business owners and IT Consultants in order to better understand their tech capabilities and needs and share with them how a partnership with Dell can help them thrive and keep their business ahead of the curve. 

RLG: What was a value or resource you took away from working in different positions?

MS: I am a very curious person and I have always had a keen interest in learning new things that will help me better understand partners I work with. I believe that my academic background/discipline which was fully focused on the sciences in my formative years helped fuel my inquisitive mind. Earlier in my career, I got a chance to work on some Consumer Insights projects which gave me the first chance to fully exercise my analytical mind. When I considered the consumer journey in a retail environment, I wanted to know how consumers narrowed down their preferred retail store to visit, how they sought out the desired product line within an aisle, how they interacted with particular product categories within an aisle, and how they arrived at a decision to select their preferred brand. I was also very much interested in understanding if a consumer’s loyalty was driven by aesthetics or functionality.  

Having worked in the consumer space, I then shifted my focus to working in the digital marketing arena. I wanted to learn how customers went about interacting with a website and what a typical customer journey looked like online. I was curious about how consumers are targeted online, how a company can reach an audience, and how ads and snackable pieces of content are served to an audience. I soon found a role that focused on driving awareness of client and enterprise solutions, and I got a chance to work with partners such as GDN, MediaMath, TechTarget, Wireda and CBSi just to mention a few. Working on a digital marketing team gave me a better understanding of how a company can grow its digital footprint and also exposed me to digital marketing tools and tactics such as DCO, Direct Media Placements, Behavioural Targeting and Programmatic Marketing. These digital tools and tactics helped me understand how audiences or customers can be targeted earlier in the buying cycle and how to go about reaching and increasing engagement with relevant audiences or customers. In my current role, I love how I am able to apply a blend of the various sales, marketing and business development skills I picked up during my various stints here at Dell. I believe that you learn something unique in every particular role you take on, and that’s my proclivity to learn and be more informed has fueled me to have more meaningful and productive interactions with partners.

RLG: What inspired you to get into your current role? 

MS: The opportunity to empower others does. I am able to engage small business owners and entrepreneurs and share with them how Dell can partner with and support them to do more. I love the opportunity I get to talk to them, hear their stories, and share meaningful and relevant resources that will enable them to achieve more. At Dell, we are not trying to dictate to entrepreneurs what they should do, we simply want them to consider us as a trusted partner that can help steer their business or company success today and far into the future. We want to help fuel their innovative efforts so that they can be more productive as an entrepreneur.  

The tales and stories I hear entrepreneurs and founders share convinces me that I can do more especially at the grassroots or community level. This is the reason I enjoyed attending the Next Gen Summit this year. I had some insightful conversations with young entrepreneurs, mentored a few entrepreneurs at the event and learnt about unique ventures and projects some of these amazing entrepreneurs are working on. I am glad that Dell is an advocate for these young entrepreneurs as they embark on their journey. I want entrepreneurs to know that Dell is their one-stop shop for all their tech needs regardless of which stage they are during their entrepreneurial excursion. 

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