Spotlight on Miracle Olatunji

Meet Miracle Olatunji: Founder of OpportuniMe, innovation director, and forthcoming author of Purpose

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Tell us about OpportuniMe.

When I was in high school, I participated in an incredible youth entrepreneurship program called the Diamond Challenge. I credit it for helping me to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and having the opportunity to make friends from all over the world. Before the program, I knew absolutely nothing about business and entrepreneurship but I was enthralled by the challenging and exciting process of solving problems, creating value, and making a difference. I was so inspired by many young entrepreneurs I had met, like Justin Lafazan and Haile Thomas, who were working on ventures that made a significant impact on the lives of other people and in society. Their energy and passion was contagious and I quickly caught it! A few months later, I decided to start OpportuniMe after I realized how time-consuming and stressful the process of searching for summer programs and opportunities was for me and thousands of young students around the country. OpportuniMe connects high school students to opportunities that will help them explore possible careers, build their network, and get a head start on finding and developing their passions before they head off to college.

In what ways do you support your personal development?

I serve on the advisory board for an amazing app and platform that educators at my university created called SAIL which stands for Self-Authored Integrated Learning. This app allows students to actively and intentionally develop their skills across five main dimensions/areas of your life: Well-being, Global Mindset, Social Consciousness & Commitment, Intellectual Agility, and Professional & Personal Effectiveness. I use the app to keep track of and accelerate my personal development! (If you’d like to learn more about SAIL, check this out.

What has been the most rewarding part about starting OpportuniMe?

Answer to General Question: Being told that I was inspiring people to make a difference and to create solutions that positively impact others. One moment when I realized this was last semester when I had the opportunity to speak at Harvard’s Young Women In Business and Leadership Conference, and one of the high school students in the audience came up to me afterwards and told me this. This was so humbling, encouraging, and reminded me of my PURPOSE and my WHY behind starting OpportuniMe. When OpportuniMe won the grand prize in the World Series of Entrepreneurship competition, that was also such a special moment. I’m so grateful for all my advisors, family, friends (includes fellow Next Gen-ers), and everyone who has supported me every step of the way!

Confidence Boost Power Song: You Will by Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Nettles
Breakfast of Champions: Tatte Bakery’s Halloumi & Sunny Side Sandwich (Yum! So delicious!)
Words you live by: “Live a life of purpose...on purpose!”

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