Spotlight on Mike Glaicar

Meet Mike Glaicar: Founder of TrueLeads and Biz Dev at NewBeauty Magazine, Mike is making connecting and sales enjoyable.


What company story has inspired your entrepreneurial career?

One of the most inspiring things about successful entrepreneurs is their incredible resilience and willingness to change when the market demands it. The company that's inspired me the most in this capacity is Slack, which started as a gaming company called Glitch. After years of development and burning through millions in capital, Stuart Butterfield made the difficult choice to pivot from his original vision and pursue a completely different path - which ultimately turned out to be a fantastic decision. As entrepreneurs, we have to listen to the market, leave our pride at the door, and do what we need to do to create value for our users, investors, and all other stakeholders involved in our journey.

In what ways do you support your personal development?

If you look at many of the most successful and influential people on the planet, there's generally a common thread - they're all lifelong learners, constantly consuming valuable information in their ongoing quest to improve. From a personal development standpoint, I've tried to learn from these individuals by ensuring I consume at least 1-3 hours of educational content per day. My main medium is podcasts, since I drive a lot; some of my go-to's are Snacks Daily, How I Built This, Freakonomics Radio, TED Radio Hour, Masters of Scale, Without Fail, The Pitch, and HBR Ideacast. Never stop learning!

What are your top strategies for networking?

The number one key to networking, in my opinion, is taking the approach of GIVING value first, without the expectation of anything in return. One interesting exercise to try is setting a goal of connecting at least 2 people in your network per week whom you feel would find value from the introduction. When you lead with this "always add value" approach, amazing things start to happen.

Remember, networking is not about "YOU;" it's about a group of people seeking to create more value collectively than they would if they were working alone.

Words you live by: Always Add Value

Fave Film: Top Gun

Idol: Richard Branson

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