Spotlight on Mike Clum

Meet Mike Clum- the ultra-talented videographer behind the Next Gen Summit promo vid and founder of media company Clum Creative.


You made the Next Gen Summit promotional video for this year - when did you start videography? 

I started making videos for people in 2011, right after dropping out of Miami University my freshman year. I bought a Canon DSLR and sold my first video in early 2012 to a friend to make a music video for $50. The video was so bad they took it down after releasing it, but 12 months later from that first project I had sold my first corporate video so a fairly prominent local company. 


Tell us about Clum Creative & why you started it. 

Clum Creative originally got started as a way for me to make money off something I liked, which was creating and marketing video & media content. After dropping out I needed cash, so every project I got was like a drink of cold water to a thirsty and broke 19 year old. After getting enough client work to pay for my general life, the thirst for new projects and new revenue never really stopped. I enjoyed getting new clients, making them happy and having them get me more clients, so I continued and continue to do that. Last year we did just over 1 million in revenue and I'm enjoying the challenge of continuing to grow. 


What’s your best advice to a young entrepreneur hoping to start a media company? 

If you want to start a company understand that you are starting a company, not working at a company. Being a real CEO means working on the business and developing processes for other people to actually do specific work. If you really really enjoy making videos or really really enjoy doing graphic design, you might consider going to work at a company or being a freelancer doing that work instead of building a business. Building a business is about doing sales, recruiting and hiring, setting a culture, and building processes and systems. If this sounds interesting to you, start the company. If you're not prepared or excited to do that, you're better off being a freelancer or working at a company. 


Haley Smith