Spotlight on Mehak Vohra

Meet Mehak Vohra: Powerhouse tech founder of Jamocha Media and a newly declared candidate for mayor of San Francisco. 


Tell us about Jamocha Media. You dropped out of college to pursue it, and you're killing the game. What motivates you every morning to wake up and start crackin' at it? 

Jamocha Media is a content and growth agency in San Francisco. We are what I’d like to call a “content first agency”. Our model revolves around providing value to people with content first, and helping our clients do the same. We’re out to help our clients create a brand over time. For motivation, I just think about how I’m only getting older, and I have to take advantage of what I have now to push myself ahead. We have so much to our disposal with the internet, and it would be a waste to not take advantage of it. 


You're running for mayor of San Francisco…the youngest to EVER run. What prompted this? What's your platform?

I've always been passionate about local issues and wanting to make the city a better place, and politics seemed like the perfect way to do that. My goal is that I want to make a statement and give back to my community. I am running for mayor to give a voice to those who have been muted out of the system. My three major issues I’m fighting for are public health, homelessness, and education. 


You once told me that you don't make annual resolutions, but daily and weekly. Can you speak more to this and share a bit more about your philosophies / day-to-day productivity? 

Things for me are changing on a daily basis, so it’s hard to set annual resolutions. I have overall goals that I want to hit though, for example, I really value influence, and being able to impact people is my number one goal in the end of the day. I do set weekly and monthly goals to push my big ideas forward, and I do my best to break it down into daily goals that I can hit. When you break something down into a daily/doable goal, it makes the whole process so much more doable. 

Haley Smith