Spotlight on Max Mirho

Meet Max Mirho: Cofounder of Moss Generation and #EntrepreNerd, beginner LinkedIn Influencer.

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Tell us about Moss Generation.

Moss Generation is an exclusive event group and community network for entrepreneurs in the Pittsburgh area. It’s similar to Next Gen, but more locally focused, with the goal to bring more outside attention to our burgeoning tech ecosystem.

How have you branded yourself?

I’ve worked hard to brand myself on LinkedIn as the #EntrepreNerd. It’s a dorky tagline, but I wanted to share my journey from the perspective of a student, doing his best to become an entrepreneur.

Other people sharing their experiences in the space was the only way I learned anything entrepreneurial, so I wanted to try and give the same thing back.

What are your top strategies for networking?

Leverage social media. Using LinkedIn and Instagram, I’ve been able to connect with my closest mentors, friends and colleagues, and an enormous amount of progress has come of it.

I used to think social media was a waste of time, but using it as a way to brand yourself, and as a tool to extend your network can be a superpower.

Confidence Boost Power Song: thank u, next - Ariana Grande
Idol: Arin Hanson - Owner and creator of GameGrumps
Best trip you ever took: Seoul South Korea with my best friend

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