Spotlight on Marko Hrelja

Meet Marko Hrelja: Mentor and entrepreneur, Marko uses his curiosity for measuring human attention to direct his ventures.

Marko Hrelja.png

What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever been given?

I asked Bill Draper (investor) what should I know at 25. He told me to keep on an accelerating learning curve, and, when it plateaus, do something else. I asked him to illuminate more on that idea and Bill shared a piece of vital insight that I will not forget: say yes more than no.

What is your ‘genius space’?

Playing some variety of treasure hunt or scavenger game online that encourages me to use different perspectives to solve a puzzle or underlying issue.

Pushing my mental and physical limits is exhausting but the day after, the creativity just comes. When I can't do that, I try to make something with physical objects. Making a space for my creativity to guide my actions as opposed to technical thought, I allow myself to find my flow and genius space.

Who is a mentor that has changed your life? How and why?

I had a chance to work with Steve Mann (works on wearable computers) a few years ago. The philosophy of how to approaches things and the questions he would ask was blew my mind. His collaborative no nonsense approach had an impact on me for many years.

Breakfast of Champions: Buckwheat with basil
Fave Film: Baraka (1992)

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