Spotlight on Marisa Sergi

Meet Marisa Sergi - owner of RedHead Wines and RedHead brands, who now sells her wine with its sassy and fearless brand personality to several states in the U.S..


Tell us about RedHead Wines. 

RedHead Brands is a food & beverage company primarily focused on the premium wine market. RHB, with its flagship Red Blend, is poised to redefine the premium wine category - and beyond - by infusing the brand with the distinctive personality of its founder: sassy, smart, friendly and fearless.  RHB's mission is to provide premium products that capture the feisty spirit of a redhead and to communicate with 100% authenticity about everyday life and lifetime aspirations. You can enjoy RedHead "For Life's Sweet and Spicy Moments!"

How did you decide to abandon a 'traditional' career path post grad and go after RedHead?

What pushed me over the edge to resign was that I did not want to look back on my life and have regret.  Post grad I worked for a privately owned winery out in California to gain additional experience, but kept wondering about what life would be like if I pursued RedHead full-time.  I knew if I did not take a leap of faith and attempt to grow my business, I would always wonder "what if?"  It was a huge risk because I did enjoy the job I held at the time, but I am glad I decided to go for it.  

What's next for you and your winery? 

I recently expanded RedHead's sales to West Virginia and am working on reaching other markets in Pennsylvania and Michigan.  My goal is to cultivate the brand at a pace that allows control.  Customer service has been a major influence to the success of the brand thus far.  By growing at a steady pace has allowed my team and I to build strong and strategic relationships. 

Haley Smith