Spotlight on Mallory Rothstein

Meet Mallory Rothstein: Founder of Learn What Matters and the Learn What Matters Foundation, Administrative Business Partner for People Development at Google.

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Tell us about Learn What Matters!

Learn What Matters and the Learn What Matters Foundation are about sparking a movement of high schoolers who invest in their personal development. We want to see the next group of young leaders become the most self aware generation living happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. 

Through coaching, specialized content, workshop facilitation, and scholarship packages, we believe we can make this happen. We’re also working with high schools to build and leverage alumni programs.

If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would it be?

Always put your health before everything else. No relationship is more important. No job is more important. No grade is more important. When you invest in your health, you’ll see all aspects of your life also prosper.

There will people who will see your title and dismiss you. Remember that title doesn’t define you. Who you are as a person does. Let them pass on you. You’re going to thrive as an assistant then be able to use all the lessons and skills you’ve gained to build your own business and foundation. 

Embrace silence. Learn meditation and mindfulness. It’s okay to take a pause instead of constantly grinding. This is how you’ll be able to control your anxiety. You’ll focus and write better too. 

If through each challenge that life brings you, you can find a way to turn your pain into something of purpose, you’ll stay winning forever. No one and nothing can stop you on your journey if you maintain that mindset. 

Forgiveness and letting go are art forms but when you choose to forgive and let go, that’s when you’ll find the most peace. They’re also great productivity hacks. 

All it takes is one relationship to keep you back or push you towards accomplishing your dreams. Be careful with who you choose to share your life with. Don’t rush it. 

Lastly, keep singing and dancing. You might never be able to hit the high note or move with any rhythm but you’ll experience the feelings of joy and freedom you did as a child. That’s worth still singing and dancing for.

What accomplishment are you most proud of to date?

Launching the first Learn What Matters Foundation Scholarship this year at Freehold High School, where I graduated from. It includes a $1000 financial grant, year-long mentorship from an alumni committee, and personal development coaching sessions with me. 

The scholarship is open to high school students of all ages. The selection committee only looks at three short answers and the strength of a recommendation letter. Neither grades, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities nor the income of any parent/legal guardian are considered. All short answers can be submitted via text, video, or art. And the financial grant can be used for anything that helps the recipient invest in their personal development and brings them closer to accomplishing one of their life goals. This doesn’t just mean college. Recipients don’t even need to be accepted into college or planning on applying. 

Even though I started the scholarship at my high school, next is going regional then national and one day global. In the future I’m hoping high schoolers across the world will be excited to apply because they view it as one of most unique, inclusive, and impactful scholarships out there. 

I’m most proud of launching this scholarship because it had been a dream of mine for the last four years. I never gave up on the idea despite all of the personal, professional, and financial obstacles I struggled with. Executing this idea allowed me to turn my pain into purpose. 

If you’re reading this and going through something that’s been preventing you from going after one of your goals, don’t give up. Keep pushing. Stay focused. Your time will come.

Confidence Boost Power Songs: Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato, Money by Cardi B, and Successful by Ariana Grande - love them all! 
Words you live by: Explore. Connect. Hustle. 
Best trip you ever took: The World Economic Forum in Davos back in 2016. This was by far one of the best experiences of my life and I can’t wait for my next opportunity to go back.

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