Spotlight on Malekai Mischke

Meet Malekai Mischke: Next Gen's newest team member and Director of Business Development, Malekai is passionate about helping others design their lives through entrepreneurship.

What is your role?

As Director of Business Development, I work to connect the Next Gen community with partners who are committed to supporting the personal & professional growth of young entrepreneurs. My day to day work includes conducting research for prospective partners, updating partners on current initiatives, holding community member calls or meetups, and prepping for the next Next Gen event. 

In addition, I’m always seeking out new ways to improve our processes and how we deliver value to our stakeholders. The ultimate goal is to supply entrepreneurs with the best possible resources to help them continue pushing forward and live life on their own terms!

What makes Next Gen different from other communities? 

No other community matches the talent, energy, and selflessness of Next Gen. I’ve found ‘give-first’ mentality of the Next Gen community to be particularly amazing. This is a family of entrepreneurs trying to rise against obstacles together, and I feel so fortunate to work with them every day. 

What was your most life-changing experience?

I grew up cross-culturally, and am passionate about international affairs and bridging cultural differences (I majored in IR). Naturally, I applied for a Fulbright following my senior year of college, but was rejected. I was pretty heart-broken, but turns out this was a huge pivot point in my life. Instead of teaching abroad after graduation, my friends and I started a digital coupon business, which completely peaked my passion for entrepreneurship - and ultimately brought me to Next Gen.

In what ways do you support your personal development?  

I recently started to really focus on optimizing my sleep, diet, and exercise routine. I’ve tried to take all those health tips we hear about and fit as many as I can into my day. 

One thing I've found is that maybe the best part of a consistent, healthy routine is how off you feel when you miss that workout or eat an unhealthy meal. As a result, I’ve tried to raise my standard of health to the point where any moderately unhealthy activity (i.e. eating sugary cereal) becomes very unappealing, making the routine even harder to break. Note: giving up gifts like Lucky Charms was incredibly challenging, but hopefully worth it?

Anyways, actively trying to maximize my sleep, diet, and exercise has brought improved mental clarity, energy, and drive - which really help support personal development.

Hype Song: No Problem by Chance

Best trip you ever took: Cross-country road trip to Yosemite

Sunday Morning Nirvana: Workout followed by sushi buffet

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