Spotlight on Logan Koshenka

Meet Logan Koshenka - A recent Ohio University graduate, Logan is the Founder of new nearby social networking app called 'Skyway.’

Tell us about Skyway.

While still learning how to code, I launched a location-based messaging application called Skyway on campus at Ohio University. I had no real strategy, but I knew I was onto something. For the next year, I built upon the good, cut the bad, and obsessively talked to my users. The result is the newest version of Skyway that just went live on the iOS App Store in December 2018. Skyway is a nearby social app that makes it easy to interact with people in your area. Users can post "signals" on the real-time, collaborative 3D map for anyone to see, leave virtual "secrets" in augmented reality for others to find in that exact spot in the future, join nearby "crowds" (group messages) of like-minded people, and more. Skyway is being used to make friends, find plans, spread news, and more. I'm excited about the direction it is headed. The next step is to build out our founding team & make the first few hires.

Who has inspired you most on your entrepreneurial journey?

My parents. They had my brother and I at a very young age, and despite having very little, they never failed to put food on the table or clothes on our back. Learning about my family's history has inspired me in an incredible way. It has become my life's goal to not only give back to them, but to make our last name known. I will forever feel a debt to them for all the sacrifices they made for my brother and I. It would mean everything to me if I were able to retire them early and build a legacy that will outlive all of us.

What do you want to be remembered for?

 I want to go down as one of the most accomplished, versatile entrepreneurs of all time. I want to be known as someone who built some of the most innovative companies & products while having a blast doing it. I've always been fascinated by creating things, from my "invention ideas" notebook as a child to teaching myself how to code a few years ago. I have a long way to go, but I want to be remembered as someone who pushed the human race forward and inspired others to relentlessly go after what they want.

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Words you live by: Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor. 

Fave Film: Good Will Hunting

Best trip you ever took: My brother & I took a trip to see our cousin in Boulder, CO for spring break a couple of years ago. We had a blast hiking, fly-fishing, and to top it all off, we spontaneously went skydiving. To this day, skydiving was the coolest, most exciting, memorable thing I have ever done.

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