Spotlight on Logan Deyo

Meet the Next Gen @ Richmond Chapter Manager, Logan Deyo: He’s excited about the entrepreneurial diversity in Richmond, and the 1717 Center!


What is special about the entrepreneurial scene in Richmond? 

I'd say the most special thing about the scene in Richmond is it's entrepreneurial diversity. So many different backgrounds and specialities that it makes it extremely easy to get involved and and fit right in.

What's the most exciting local resource in your Local Resource Guide? 

Probably the most exciting resource is the 1717 Innovation Center. Free event space for non-profits, a place to get mentorship, network with investors, and a fantastic place to put your head down and get some work done.

What can local entrepreneurs expect from your leadership this year?

The plan this year is to connect the community and resources Richmond offers by bringing events, meetups, and network availability to the area.

Alex Gordon