Spotlight on LJ Troilo

Meet LJ Troilo - a social media expert who is currently developing a video platform, "Cord" using cryptocurrency to build the economic backbone.


You founded a social media marketing firm in your earlier days. What are your best tips for young entrepreneurs on social media hoping to reach their target audience? 

Content is of pinnacle importance. Creating genuine content that provides value to your target audience is the best strategy to accumulate a loyal following. Also, be sure to constantly engage with your audience and interact with their comments and posts; your audience feels much more connected and valued when their voice is heard. Last but not least, only post high-quality photos and videos, your credibility as a source of valuable content is tarnished by pixelated or low-quality posts.


Tell us about Cord.

I can't tell you too much about Cord as we're operating in stealth mode, but I can tell you that we're a decentralized video sharing platform that empowers content creators like never before. Creators on our platform never suffer from ad revenue splits or demonetization. The platform is built on the NEO blockchain and utilizes a proprietary cryptocurrency called See Token.


How did you get involved in the cryptocurrency space and how are you using it in Cord's business model?

I got involved through hours and hours and hours of research. There is a huge free supply of white papers, articles, and videos that provide a great amount of information about the crypto space. The token that we're creating is the economic backbone of our platform and the means for all value transactions - that's as much as I can say at this point!

Haley Smith