Spotlight on Kavun Nuggihalli

Meet Kavun Nuggihalli: Founder of Attend, a free education engagement alternative working to make education more accessible.

Tell us about ConsiderCode and Attend:

ConsiderCode is a software company focused on creating real-time solutions to daily problems. Created for educators, Attend, is a free suite of assessment tools capable of automating attendance, engaging students, and analyzing participation data.

I have been working with educators at Temple University and across the Philadelphia area to pilot Attend and develop a platform that eases the educator and student experience. We do this because we believe that engaged students earn higher grades.

How have you branded yourself?

Our brand has always been focused on helping educators, students, and advisers with experimental learning. Through persistence and commitment to our users we have turned pilot tests into success stories. User success inherently brings more users, but fostering those relationships with educators and following through has propelled our mission and brand the most.

Our web presence stems from our company site, product site, and social media accounts. Follow along this year as we compete for 1.2 million in funding from several education and pitch competitions.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for making life easier and education more accessible.

Confidence Boost Power Song: Tony Tone by Asap Rocky
Your Personal Bible: Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet
Best trip you ever took: Each trip that I take to my grandfather's jungle in India is better than the last.

Alex Gordon