Spotlight on Joanna Ma

Meet Joanna Ma: A soon-to-be cat mom, Joanna fuses her economics major, creativity, and entrepreneurial gusto as a Next Gen intern.


What other career path do you have in mind for yourself?

I have lots of ideas in terms of other career paths as I believe that we don’t stay the same person throughout our life. So many factors can change our futures. For myself, I have thought about being a tattoo artist as that taps into my creative side. On a more philanthropical level, I have thought about joining nonprofits involved with either environmental or cultural preservation and using my knowledge to help where applicable.

What are your ways of winding down?

I like to chill out by either watching nonsensical tv-shows or I cook. I find that TV shows that are detached from reality and the everyday grind which brings relief after a stress-filled day. Although they do tend to be cartoon-animated, the content is totally underrated! If that doesn’t do the trick, I often cook to chill out. I love cooking for others too: it gives me a sense of accomplishment which can be weirdly relaxing.

What are some ways you keep motivated?

Ways that I like to keep myself motivated is through small everyday steps and focus on the day-by-day. I do set long-term goals as well but I find it easier to stay motivated for an extended amount of time if I am able to get through each day. I do this by setting small-achievable targets and surrounding myself with people who are high-spirited. This combination is what I find the most effective to keep myself motivated.

Cook or eat out? Cook, for sure! 

The first pet peeve that comes to mind? When other people chew on straws, ugh!

Obsessed with listening to right now? Hiatus Kaiyote and Crazy P

Alex Gordon