Spotlight on Jared Goetz

Meet Jared Goetz - Founder of the eCom Hacks Academy, he's an e-commerce expert who spends over $25,000 daily on Facebook ads.

Jared Headshot.jpg

You spend over $25,000 daily on Facebook ads. How did you arrive at this cost, and what have results been like?

I arrived at this cost by continuing to build on successful product ad campaigns, which resulted in high profitability that I would reinvest back into my e-commerce store ads. I have several e-commerce stores that do seven figures a year, but it wasn’t always like that for me. I started out by spending around $20 a day on ads. I kept a close eye on my ad sets and would double down on what was working best in terms of conversions. It really snowballed from there. Now, since I’ve been patient and have been fortunate enough to have success over the past two years, I can afford to test with bigger budgets, but my technique is really the same as it was when I had $20 daily budgets – test like crazy, see what’s working best, then double down. 

Results have been incredible. In 2017, I had the second-fastest growing Shopify store behind only Kylie Jenner. The store went from $0-2M in 60 days, and grossed $5M on the year. Keep in mind that in 2016 I was working at a software company making around $50K a year, so this was an incredible accomplishment for me and it opened up an endless amount of networking and business opportunities.

Facebook ads are a lot about patience and timing. If you keep your emotions at bay, the algorithms will allow you to read the tea leaves and make the right choices on what to turn off and what to run with. Once you have the system down pat, you can create passive income that allows you to live the life you want! 


What first got you interested in e-commerce and e-commerce campaigns?

I visited the Canton Fair in China. I went just to check it out, but I came back with some really cool products that I wanted to figure out how to sell. I took action and got a Shopify store up and running. From that point, I worked really hard every day on figuring out how to move product online. My skills improved, but it all comes back to my original desire to find cool products and make money selling them. 


Tell us about eCom Hacks Academy, and what students learn.

The eCom Hacks academy is so much more than just a drop shipping course. I am working with over 2,500 students to really make each and every one of them a true online store owner. The future of commerce is clearly internet-based, so I view my students as the next generation of mom and pop store owners. The students learn everything about selling product online and come out of my courses with all of the tools they need for success. It’s been amazing to see a large majority of my students leaving their full-time jobs that they disliked, or generating side income for themselves to help them live life to the fullest. The journey has just begun!

Haley Smith