Spotlight on Jane Lippencott

Meet Jane Lippencott - Cofounder of privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Zencash and advisor of several other blockchain products. From Hong Kong, Jane's passion for wealth management, accelerators, and blockchain have inspired her early international success.


Tell us about Zencash. 

First of all, thanks for the opportunity Haley. You rock. 

ZenCash is a privacy oriented cryptocurrency that powers a platform for transactions, messaging, and publishing. Our infrastructure enables users to reclaim their digital identities and footprints, and our community is made up of exceptional people who believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. The project launched officially in May 2017 in New York City. That week was pivotal for a lot of reasons, especially because we nailed down partnerships with Wachsman PR and Charles Hoskinson's Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK). Since then, we've expanded our team from 3 to 50 people (25 of whom are developers), always hiring from within our community. We're hyper-focused on becoming an accessible and useful coin, and on staying ahead of the curve from a technological perspective. We've partnered with a solid developer team from IOHK and are collaboratively prototyping scalability solutions to ensure our chain can power the global economy. 

I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to cofound ZenCash. Working for a company that is an expression of (and, increasingly, codified / systematized version of) my values is really special and something I hope everyone in NextGen (and beyond!) strives to experience. Zen is a lot more than a "startup" to me - it's a tool for empowerment at the most basic economic and communication levels, and a mission I am wholeheartedly behind. 


When did you get started in cryptocurrency?

I started looking into the potentials of cryptocurrency over 3 years ago from a futurism and social systems perspective instead of considering it as a tool for speculation. As a result I missed a huge profit opportunity, but I deep dived far enough into the infrastructure and implications of the technology to recognise gaps in the market. 


You're an advisor to many other cryptocurrency projects. What have you learned from working with these teams?

I advise three blockchain projects, all at the early stage, with teams in Hong Kong, San Fransisco, and Bangkok. I am an extremely collaborative person and also very critical, so most of our sessions go down as unstructured, open dialogues reasoning through problem statements, potential risks, and opportunistic strategies. In regards to overlooked soft skills, I've learned to better articulate lessons I've collected along my journey in crypto, but also from my experiences in VC, hedge fund, wealth management, and accelerators. I'll often intuitively pick up something but then fail to pass it on to someone else in an eloquent and applicable manner, so this is a skill I've been fine tuning. I've also learned how to structure token economic models for different businesses and sectors, a skill that I believe will be increasingly valuable as crypto becomes a bit more commonplace and the specific financial engineering of a token economy will make or break the next wave of companies. 

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