Spotlight on Frank Scerbo

Meet Frank Scerbo: Addict of creating things and the CMO at Elude who has meshed his past experiences to create his present trajectory.

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What did you study in college?

I changed my major 4 times, from Liberal Arts to Psychology to Communications to Business. Then afterwards I went to a studio in NYC to pursue acting. Each has taught something unique and inspiring, and being able to mesh everything together has had a huge impact on me.

What is the best piece of personal advice you’ve ever received? How about advice you’ve given?

1. Stop caring about what others think. You have to be confident about you and what you are doing.

2. Good news or bad news, it's just news. It's not good or bad until you make it one or the other. Make it work for you and you'll never be let down.

What are your top strategies for networking?

Talk to everybody in the room! You don't know how you can help someone or vice versa and you never know where the conversation can go. You have nothing to lose, put yourself out there!

Breakfast of Champions: Large cappuccino
Apple or PC: Apple all day
Fave Film: The Darjeeling Limited

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