Spotlight on Emmanuel Nyame

Meet Emmanuel Nyame - enterprise development and social activist in Ghana. He helped to establish Social Good Ghana as a Social Good Connector for the United Nations, and believes that education is the key to entrepreneurial success for today's young people.

Tell us about the work you do in Ghana.

I am an international advocate and management consultant serving a wide spectrum of organisations - SXSW, Indiegogo, among others. A calculated risk-taker with deep startup and investments industry knowledge, I have championed enterprise development to my country, Ghana. My hard work and relentless efforts have motivated hundreds of startups to embrace innovative business strategies to grow their enterprises. I have been recognized for designing, landing, and leading the strategic efforts, strategies and partnerships of Ghana's entrepreneurship ecosystem, including mentorship programmes, pitch sessions with investors, and programs that are fuelling the ecosystem-wide development.


What work do you do with the UN?

I am part of +SocialGood Connectors and Advisors community of the United Nations Foundation. We are regional and global leaders, with proven track records for bringing together big ideas and new opportunities, and creating impact in their communities. Through networks such as TED, Young Global Leaders, Impact Hub, The Elders, Ashoka, Enactus and +SocialGood, these changemakers reach and impact hundreds of thousands of people across every continent. I helped to establish Social Good Ghana to give direction on innovation and new media.


What do you believe is the most important tactic to ensure young people (in Ghana and around the world) pursue entrepreneurship?

Education. Young graduates must gain employable skills while developing a level of integrity as a professional. University, business, community, and primary school partners should understand that children needed a better grasp of mathematics and science (and fundamental literacy skills) along with an awareness of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) career opportunities in order to achieve academic success and see a reason to do the hard work required to succeed in entrepreneurship. Stakeholders must identify existing and lacking resources and strategies to meet these needs and design group mentoring and after-school club programs to link resources and people with youth. These remain my passion, as seen in my ongoing efforts with, Educational Communities Worldwide (Educom World) and the #RiseAbove campaign - a call to action for young people to pursue their passions and be entrepreneurial about their dreams.


Haley Smith