Spotlight on Daria Tsvenger

Meet Daria Tsvenger - power connector and co-founder of Supergirls Club - the largest Health & Wellness network in San Francisco.

What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever been given, and how has it contributed to your career?

Don't take anything personally - neither failures, not successes.
Always connect people with each other, make awesome introductions happen.
If you don't know what to ask - the best question is "How can I help?"
Track your internal dialog - don't let it interfere with your ambitions!

These rules were so foundational and really helped my entrepreneurial career. 2 years ago when I moved to San Francisco from Moscow, the transition was enormously challenging - my life was turned upside down. But everything that I managed to create so far is because of these rules that were engraved in my soul beforehand. My passion for connecting and helping people grew into a thriving community of 2000 members, surrounded around the health and wellness topics.


In what ways do you support your personal development?

Personal development is huge for me - it's an essential part of my existence. Practice and repetition is the key. It's so easy to dissolve into the illusion of learning when we read through a variety of articles/books every single day. 
I thought that "the more info I have - the better", but at some point I found myself experiencing FOMO when I was not constantly involved into "learning" new stuff. Then I made a decision to take out the key areas that I want to focus on and change my "to read list" to "to practice". 
I focus on small steps that I can incorporate into my daily routine - those are daily yoga sequence for my body and journaling for my mind, weekly neuroscience update, and brain training.


What are your top strategies for networking?

I love meeting people both online and offline. Facebook friend a person I don't know but really wanna to - easily! Friend request and a kind note of appreciation is my go to:)
Because I believe that the best relationships are the personal ones. I always think about how can I help the people I know. And my friends call me a power connector who can make any introduction happen.

Haley Smith