Spotlight on Dan Murphy

Meet Dan Murphy- A full-time Student Entrepreneur who works for Gusher, which helps to launch companies with equity rather than money.


Tell us about Gusher.

 Gusher is a platform to launch companies without the need for money. We allow: 

1. Entrepreneurs to exchange equity in their company for the high-quality services that they need. This makes entrepreneurship accessible to all regardless of their access to finances, race, sex, age, and other demographics.

2. Talented people, who we call 'founders', to use their diverse skills to help startups grow, scale, and succeed. These individuals become invested stakeholders and receive an equity position in the high-growth startups that they work with. 

Gusher brings these people together. Startups are "funded" using time equity and talented people apply to join a startup at the earliest stage. It's as simple as that!

Who has inspired you most on your entrepreneurial journey?

My mom has inspired me the most throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

It has just been me and my mom since I was in Second Grade, and I have always relied on her support to keep me going. When I began exploring entrepreneurship during my Freshman year of college, she took an invested interest in everything I was working on (no matter how crazy it may have been). If it weren't for her immediate support, I would have never followed through on my first attempt at being an entrepreneur. 

Nowadays, I often have to miss classes for meetings, phone calls, and other important obligations, which tends to leave me feeling stressed and on-edge. Thankfully, her daily calls and words of encouragement help me remain humble, dedicated, and focused. These gestures, though simple, leave a tremendous impact on my day-to-day life as an entrepreneur. 

Overall, from working three jobs to pay for college to 30+ years of teaching, my mom is the perfect definition of someone who sacrifices anything she can for those she loves. Because of this, I work my hardest every day to build a future where I can provide for her and support her in every way possible. Her passion, dedication, and hard work instilled in me the characteristics I needed to become a successful entrepreneur, and for that I am forever grateful. To this day, I cite her as my biggest source of entrepreneurial motivation and inspiration.

What does your morning routine look like?

Over time, I have found that I am more productive earlier in the day. Because of this, I typically get up between 5:30AM-6:30AM. 

First, I devote 30 minutes of my time to 'self-improvement'. This includes working out, reading, listening to podcasts, or engaging in any other beneficial activity. My only rule during this time is that I need to focus on doing things that are proactive, not reactive. This means no texting, calling, e-mailing, or social media. Secondly, I shower, make breakfast (two eggs, oatmeal, fruit, and a cup of black coffee), and make a "to-do list" for the upcoming day. I always try to complete my most demanding responsibilities first, followed up by phone calls, video calls, e-mails, and meetings in the afternoon. Lastly, before leaving for work I spend 10-15 minutes with my family. I always aim to arrive at the office by 7:30 AM.

Words you live by: "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

Best trip you ever took: Israel

Idol: Jeff Bezos

Haley Smith