Spotlight on Daniel Greenberg

Meet Daniel Greenberg - social media expert and co-founder of Aidem, which simplifies launch dates by automating your custom pitch to hundreds of press teams.


How did you become interested in entrepreneurship? 

I would not say there was one moment, it just happened organically. As a kid, I'd always go around the neighborhood shoveling snow, when I was off from school. After doing it for a few years, I was able to bring on more kids and eventually we started to sell donuts and coffee on our route. In high school, I partnered with the MIT Launch program and launched one of the first MIT Launch high school programs.

You helped run an Instagram page with nearly 7 million followers. What's your best advice to dominate Instagram and become an influencer?

My best advice to grow your social media presence would be content. Content is key. People will follow your page because they enjoy your content. With everything that is out there, you can try to "hack" it and buy followers, or just buy a ton of shoutouts, but if you want a real engaged following, you have to focus on your content. 

Tell us about your product, Howler by Aidem.

Matt (my co-founder) and I have completed dozens of growth hacking projects like Rumblr (featured by 200+ media outlets in 4 days) and Hacbook Elite (six figures in sales through press and forum marketing).

Last month we launched Aidem Network: a simple tool to launch your product on hundreds of websites with one click. We expected to get 5-10 customers but instead got over 50. It was super MVP, so our system (both operations and tech) was primitive––and obviously, this amount of demand blew it up entirely.

While we’ve been drowning in emails and operations backlog, the product still worked really well for most of our customers (especially Bitcoin Regret Club who went viral with features from Mashable, The Next Web, and Tecmundo). We got a ton of feedback on what was wrong with our product and how to improve.

 Howler is a simple tool that helps any startup regardless of budget or network execute a real PR strategy like the ones used by massive PR agencies. (These agencies cost anywhere from $5k-$50k a month, while our packages start at just $149 a month.)

Here’s how it works:

We personally work with you to refine your pitch to press and framing strategy, build a custom hyper-targeted list of 500 media outlets to pitch to, send your pitch to 500 of the writers (1 writer per outlet), send 2 personalized follow-ups to each of them, then send you a report of everything sent complete with delivery, open, and reply rates. This process takes 1 month and starts at just $149.

We’ve made Howler this affordable by refining some open-source semantic analysis (NLP) algorithms to scan through pitches and company profiles and matching them with outlets in our database of 100k+ journalist profiles. In short, we are using AI. 

Haley Smith