Spotlight on Christy Chen

Meet Christy Chen: Founder at VisTalent, Cal Bear, and artistic engineer, Christy is creating the impact she hopes to see in the world.


Tell us about VisTalent!

I realized that recruiting is problematic after I hunted for jobs. The recruiting system can be very disorganized with no standardized metrics. Referral is the most popular way to get a job, but why should people get a job based on who they know? After I talked with my friends about these frustrations, I began to think if there is anything that I can do.

I founded VisTalent to make the impact I want to see. Our team is creating an AI-assisted software that transcribes interviews. We want to help hiring committees make evidence-based decisions and improve recruiting funnel. I have pushed myself out of comfort zone every day since the beginning of this journey. From user research to business development, I dive into new fields without hesitations. To understand the HR industry better, I flew to the biggest HR conference in Las Vegas and attended local recruiter meetup where people are at my parents’ age. After I talked with more than 100 people in the field in 3 months, I felt much more connected with my users, and I can’t find a more rewarding experience than this.

What is your ‘genius space’?


Every experience is a learning experience, and I learn to appreciate experience through meditation. I live every day like the last day, and meditation helps me clear my mind. Meditation is like a treasure hunt: mining the meaning of life. During the practice, I listen to my feelings and talk with myself. Meditation actually helps me learn who I am so that I can harness the inner power.

What was your most life-changing experience?

Surviving harassment fundamentally changed my life. Not only because I learned to survive, but also because I learned that justice is earned. If something is wrong, I will fix it but not sit there and wait for magic. I fight for the changes I want to see. That experience was also part of the reasons I am doing my startup, because I understood networking sometimes creates an imbalanced power dynamic between job seekers and employer, which can endanger people from disadvantage background. I appreciate this experience because it empowers me in an invaluable way.

Breakfast of Champions: French toast
Best trip you ever took: mid-night escape
Words you live by: love, wisdom, strength

Alex Gordon