Spotlight on Chloe Belangia

Meet Chloe Belangia: As a creative entrepreneur, Chloe is pioneering empowerment for multipassionate-minded students.

What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever been given, and how has it contributed to your career?

I'll never be able to remember the first time I heard the phrase "Half the battle is showing up," but it's a phrase that marked my childhood as my mom consistently supported us "showing up" for new experiences to see what we could learn from them. From the most naîve "showing up as the new kid in a ballet class chock full of lifelong friendships" to the most fearful management consulting application-to-interview process, I've built my personal empowerment toolkit from that singular phrase. It's so true. It couldn't be truer. It's not the conversations at a career fair that make confidence; it's the commitment to putting on a suit and walking in the door. It's not the accomplishments; it's the dedication to try. My career is so new - honestly, unborn - that I'm not sure how this phrase will impact me as a "real world" entrepreneur. But I know for now, "showing up" in faith over fear has gifted me experiences leading, traveling, interviewing, and accomplishing things that only I could have "showed up" for. Other people can do a lot for you - fostering connections and opportunities outside your own strength - but only you can say yes to them. Showing up shows the battle you're here to care for it, and I'd argue the battle is the courage to live a life you love.

In what ways do you support your personal development?

I make it a priority to set and pursue new goals (personally, professionally, and relationally) every single month. My favorite time of the year is New Years, with the coming of a new year as the most expectant season for what's the come. I don't know if it's the thrill of new-ness that energizes me, or the anti-complacency I've lived by my whole life, but setting goals truly sets my soul on fire. Goals support personal development not by forcing yourself to become better but to magnify those things that matter to you right now and pursue them with intentionality and passion. For instance, I set a goal for myself in 2019 to be okay with being a beginner in learning economics, finance, and impact investing. This goal isn't backed by ungratefulness for my current education and career path. It's simply a declaration - permission? - for myself to step into the identity of being a lifelong learner. It also might set me up for success in paths I'm not yet ready to pursue, but absolutely want to in years to come. Graduating college this year means I'll face, for the first time in my entire life, a very open world that I could easily choose not to explore. Setting a goal for myself to continue exploring it keeps me growing, moving, and loving everything this world has to offer. Again, not for the ungratefulness of where I am but rather the expectant energy of what's to come.

Who is a mentor that has changed your life? How and why?

My most cherished mentor of my life - besides my mom, of course - is Bryan Wish. As a champion for introspection and entrepreneurial drive, Bryan honestly inspires everyone he meets. Our relationship, however, has been fostered not only by my inspiration toward him but also his appreciation for me, which I would argue is a crucial component to any successful mentorship. Bryan and I met when I was only one semester deep into my freshman year at Georgia Tech, and it's a long story as to how we connected and what kept it going. Arguably contrary to the belief in modern mentorship, the change in my life through Bryan hasn't been the professional opportunities and connections most students crave so deeply. Bryan's gift was that of optimism. He pushed me to pursue things because he saw the value in my dreams and ideas. He trusted my creativity and authority - even as a sophomore in college! His optimism in my spirit gave me the deepest-rooted confidence in my path I could never have given myself, at the very moments I needed it most. I've used this experience to fuel my mentorship of other entrepreneurs with the same optimistic spirit, and given their reactions, I am witness to the power of hearing someone else say, "I believe in you and what you want to go do."

Your Personal Bible: Darling Magazine
Words you live by: "There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind" -C.S. Lewis
Best trip you ever took: Organized a private boat trip around the Amalfi Coast for my friends and me during our summer studying abroad in Barcelona. Still gives me chills to think about today!

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