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Meet Cherie Aimee: A near-death survivor who is now intent on living life to the fullest. Having gone through a heart transplant which necessitated the letting go of her digital technology firm, Cherie has built herself up again with the power of her personal brand. 
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You are a near-death survivor. How has your brush with death allowed you to take in all the best life has to offer? 

Several years ago I had to let go of my digital technology firm. It was a huge loss for me, but I was in the midst of the biggest challenge I had ever faced—the fight to save my life. I had suffered sudden cardiac arrest which left me hospitalized, in a coma, with end-stage heart failure and little chance of survival.

After years of the best surgeons and medical team working to save my life, I finally received the gift of a heart transplant. With this new lease on life, I've dedicated my life to creating a brand leadership platform—allowing me to use my voice and impact lives around the world.

My near-death tragedy started off as just that—a tragedy. Now I see it as the biggest blessing in my life. It hasn't been easy to reach this perspective. Through forgiveness work, lots of self-love, giving to others when I had nothing, and learning how to find fun even during the dark times—I pulled through with unfathomable resilience.

What is your best advice for someone who is building their personal brand? 

Building a personal brand should feel fun. If you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or not aligned with the content, you are releasing—you haven't created a brand that is true to who you are. Personal branding reflects your essence—who you are at your core. Here are a few tips to help you create a brand that stands out.

1. Define Who You Are

To create a personal brand that has power and sustainability, it's key to figure out who you are. Most of the time this step confuses entrepreneurs. You've been so conditioned to make decisions based on someone else's expectations, that when you stop to describe who you are—you're not quite sure how to answer. You begin to figure this out as you explore new things, discover new experiences, and learn what resonates and what doesn't. Your brand doesn't form overnight but if you allow yourself the freedom to begin—your core essence will start to unfold.

2. Brainstorm Your Vision

One of my favorite activities is brainstorming my vision. I do this regularly in a place that feels fun—the beach or anywhere that fuels my creativity. 

Pick a fun way you'd like to draft out your vision. Maybe you want to draw in your journal, mind-map on a dry erase board, or type out a document—listing all the activities and elements you see surrounding your brand. Start imagining what you want to create, who you want to serve, and what your lifestyle entails.

3. Map Out Your Strategy

Once you understand a little more of who you are and what your vision is, it's time to create a roadmap—the path you will take to get your brand noticed. Identify key milestones you need to hit, who can help you reach them, how you will generate income, and most importantly, where you will begin.

4. Execute With Relentless Perseverance

Creating a personal brand will challenge you mentally, emotionally, and physically in every way possible. The journey is an opportunity for you to experiment, test the market, and see how many people you can serve—while remaining true to yourself and your core values. You are the vehicle taking your brand to heights never imagined—and to those, you are destined to impact.

5. Celebrate the Small Wins

As you're experiencing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and creating a personal brand platform, you will learn that it's the small wins which ultimately lead to success. Remember, celebrate these moments of personal growth, achievements, and "wins" with an inner sense of accomplishment. You'll be able to look back and remember the key pivotal celebrations which will always keep you pushing through life as an entrepreneur.


About Cherie

Cherie Aimée is a Forbes Featured Brand Influencer, Near-Death Survivor, International Speaker, & VIP Partner/Contributor for She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Transplant Forum at Columbia University Medical Center and featured in Forbes, ABC, NHK, Thrive Global, Dr. Oz Show, The Morning Show, and BOSS BABE®. Cherie has been a keynote speaker in front of hundreds of world renown medical surgeons and medical professionals as well as spoken to elite entrepreneurs in places such as Indonesia and Italy. Her topics include branding, innovative leadership, and resilience.

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