Spotlight on Chelann Gienger

Meet Chelann Gienger- The author of Dear Millennial, founder and host of the Entrepreneur Before 25 podcast, and co-founder of NUYU Juice Bar. Her diversity in experience and heart for inspiring masses will leave you wondering - is there anything this girl can't do?

Tell us about NUYU Juice Bar. Why did you start it, and where can we try it?

NUYU celebrates it's three year anniversary in June, 2018! Our purpose with NUYU Juice Bar is to inspire and infuse new health, new energy and a new you inside of every person we encounter. We started NUYU to make healthy easy for the people of Yakima, Washington. And this summer, we are taking that vision beyond Yakima. Details to come soon. ;) 

You published your first book, Dear Millennial, at only 20 years old. What compelled you to write it, and what do you hope readers take away from it?

Dear Millennial, is a response from me to my peers, the millennial generation. I have seen a lot of different patterns over the last few years of being heavily involved in the millennial/young entrepreneur scene and I felt called to speak out on a number of certain topics from a peer stand point. I'm not asking millennials to do anything that I'm not already doing myself. My hope is that readers will be read dear millennial and walk away with a compass to defining the unique purpose that only THEY can accomplish on this earth, living a fulfilled life, and in turn, building a legacy. 

On top of all of that, you also run a podcast! What's your favorite podcast episode you've ever done, and what was the message?

Oh my goodness... I don't know how to choose my most favorite episode because there have been so many amazing guests on the show that I have had the honor of having a conversation with! If I had to choose my most recent favorite one, I would have to say my interview with Cherie Aimee. This interview was so captivating to me that there were several times during our conversation where I forgot we were in an interview. I love perspective shifting topics and this was the ultimate perspective shifter because Cherie has died for 90 minutes and then came back to life. This interview impacted me at a deep level because it defined the preciousness of life. 

Haley Smith