Spotlight on Chau Mui

Meet Chau Mui: Founder of ciaooo!, Chau is the self-appointed mayor of all that is fun, friendly and affordable in NYC.

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Tell us about ciaooo!

ciaooo! is an irreverent, wild, weird and fun editorial site and events company dedicated to the local New Yorker. Our neighborhood guides, profile pieces, and curated events highlight local mom-and-pop shops, diverse locals and those outer-borough neighborhoods that aren’t just Bushwick. Our goal is to make New York City a friendlier, more fun and affordable place to live. That’ll be our goal today and forever.

What is the best piece of personal advice you’ve ever received? How about advice you’ve given?

I received two incredible pieces of advice when I was younger that I still abide by. The first was "Swing Big, Fuck it". The second was, "Well if all else fails, the worst that happens is that you go home". You have to live those two statements, side by side.

My favorite advice to give is: "Get comfortable, being uncomfortable". Starting a business is constantly teetering on a cliff with a 1,000-foot drop on each side. Things don't get easier, you just get more and more used to the heights. If you're never doing things alone, trying new things, following your instincts or pushing yourself - you'll never build the resilience and confidence needed to get to where you need to be. Wouldn't you rather have tried and failed than regret it five years down the line?

How do you create a work/life balance?

No such thing. I'm not one of these balanced people who wake up at 5 am every day. I'm a New Yorker. I'm a procrastinating, obsessive, workhorse who thrives in high pressure and fast timeline situations. Oh, and a notepad.

Best trip you ever took: Solo trip to Nicaragua at 24

Your Personal Bible: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Words you live by: Swing Big, Fuck It.

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