Spotlight on the Next Gen Chapter Manager Program

Meet our Chapter Manager Program - An opportunity to bring global impact to your community and empower the entrepreneurs around you.



Last week, we made a very special announcement.

We announced the launch of our Chapter Manager program. This deserves its own Spotlight, because it’s representative of all the future Chapter Managers who will make an unforgettable impact on their local communities, spurring a ripple effect of inspiration and empowerment to entrepreneurs on a global level.

The Chapter Manager program will empower founders and those interested in entrepreneurship to forge Next Gen communities in their areas, whether it be on their campuses or in their cities. There are no age or degree requirements for the program - all we ask is that you share the passion for collaboration and connection!

You’ve seen how we’ve built a global community that shows up daily to connect, support, and engage with one another. We bring together our global community via Next Gen Summit every June, and through smaller events around the world. We figured - this has been so darn powerful, imagine how much we could amplify our impact if we work with those who make the magic - our members! (Hi!)

We’ve created a program for the Chapter Managers, which include 1:1 coffee chats with nearby entrepreneurs (can I tag along?), monthly meetups (the HAPPIEST of Happy Hours, or whatever type of meetup tickles your fancy), and bi-annual speaking events (MIC DROP!). Further, as Chapter Manager, you will write articles featuring entrepreneurs in your area, host office hours as the ordained local entrepreneurship expert, and compile nearby resources into a handy guide. In this leadership position, you become the ‘holy grail’ of local resources, and the bedrock to an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem that spans beyond their immediate community.

This has the power to change the lives of the entrepreneurs around you.

This has the power to change YOUR life.

There are so many implicit perks in the list of responsibilities - such as making dozens of new friends on campus and in your city, being the expert on local resources, and spreading the Next Gen mission - but, we had to throw in some more.

Some more, like…

-Free Next Gen Summit tickets. (Did I read this right?! A WIN!)

-Free Next Gen swag. (Lookin’ good!)

-Free Next Gen+ Platform membership (January 2019) - [Wait, what? What’s this? Maybe you’ll be amongst the first to know as a Chapter Manager ;) ]

Learn more and show us your interest by dropping your email address at, and read more about the program here: Our application launches soon, and we’ll only be sending it to those who submit their emails.

We’re thrilled by what’s to come and can’t wait to meet you right back here on Spotlights in a few months to announce and celebrate our future Chapter Managers. Thanks for the support and excitement along the ride!

Haley Smith