Spotlight on Ben Bradbury

Meet Ben Bradbury  - currently the VP of Marketing for event technology startup Glisser, he's climbed to fame as a viral content creator on LinkedIn and was recently ranked #4 on the Gentleman’s LinkedIn Influencer 2018 Watchlist, after Gary Vaynerchuk.

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Tell us about the work you do at Glisser.

My role at Glisser is pretty diverse - as employee #2 in the States it's safe to say I find myself wearing a quite a few hats! I handle our US marketing, ranging from email campaigns to webinars, LinkedIn content to securing strategic partnerships with 3rd party vendors. 

There's also a big focus on securing and nurturing our Enterprise clients, so I often assist on-site at events and conferences when clients are using our technology. It's been a great way to see some of the country too!


You've gotten some serious traction on LinkedIn. What's your #1 tip for others who are . looking to do the same?

My #1 tip for people looking to grow their LinkedIn presence is the 3 C's: Create Content Consistently. As it stands, out of 550 million users only 1 million people actually post original content each month on LinkedIn. That's just 0.2%! There's never been an easier way to stand out online.

Also, LinkedIn's algorithm will reward you for creating more content, as they show you to more of your network. So it doesn't just make your content better, your reach increases too. For me, creating consistently is the biggest difference in having a strong personal brand, and a passive consumer. 


What is your favorite topic you've ever spoken on in your international speaking capacity?

I love speaking about the power of patience. In no small part due to social media, young professionals are constantly bombarded with instant gratification,a like here, a follow there. This leads to a lot of people expecting everything, right now! 

When I talk, I flip this stigma on its head and spread the message that your career is a long game. Even if you're 30, you're still just getting started. So instead of focusing on short-term satisfaction, we should focus more on patiently developing skills and habits that will pay off over time. Because in the end, success boils down to choosing what you want most over what you want right now.

Haley Smith