Spotlight on Ash Kumra

Meet Ash Kumra - media mogul and public speaker creating a movement to rally around young entrepreneurs and increase their efficacy and enthusiasm. His platform, Youngry, provides content and resources for go-getters around the world. 


You began a media mogul called Youngry. Tell us more about it. What was the impetus for its creation? 

Youngry is a movement for young entrepreneurs to thrive, succeed, and become the best versions of themselves. I’ve been through the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur - although I’ve had some singles, if myself and the world around me wanted to make home runs, I needed to make a movement with people who share the same drive for entrepreneurship. I connected with my cofounder who created one of the largest fitness brands in the world, Shredz, and we came together with the same desire to do something big. 

We learned early on that everyone is young in spirit and hungry in ambition - and we felt that we identify the most with millennial entrepreneurs - not only because me and my cofounder are millennial, but because that Millennials and Gen Zs are on the up and up. 

We are now embarking to expand our entrepreneur movement with a Fall 2017 Summit and expansion of our digital content and movement in 2018. 


One of your genius spaces is the power of rallying a movement around a brand to achieve the viral effect. What, do you think, is the #1 technique for achieving this movement? 

Number one technique for advancing a movement is authenticity. You have to live and breathe the movement. When I speak, I connect with the audiences that I understand most because I’ve been there. Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting companies - I talk a lot about rising professionals as entrepreneurs within the companies they work in currently. But my authenticity and the authenticity of my cofounder is why we can appeal to these diverse audiences - because we've lived it, too. 


How have your entrepreneurial experiences and creative visions contributed to one another?

Everything is a product of your experiences. I’ve dabbled in entrepreneurship since right after college with ventures that were not failures, but learning experiences. Then, I’ve had some larger successes. All of this - with my evangelism for the media side (including my experience with public speaking and radio hosting) - has contributed to where we are now, and we’re just getting started. I want to use what I learn to grow and contribute, so if anyone wants advice or wants to reach out - send me a note at

Haley Smith