Spotlight on Artem Koker

Meet Artem Koker: Founder of Arazo Media and Rapper who is bringing ‘simply amazing’ creativity to whose work.

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What inspired you to get into your line of work?

I was working for a government contractor and hated the work I was doing. After getting bored of the repetitive tasks, I wrote a rap song for the president of the company to bring creativity to the mix. I was fired from the position but immediately went into video production with more focus. I was already doing it on the side and loved it! 

I named my company Arazo Media because I love Brazilian culture and in Portuguese, ‘arazo' means 'simply amazing' so it became my motto to live by. 

Once moving forward with this venture, I got an amazing business partner and we turned it into a full service media agency that revolves around quality, honesty, transparency, and love. 

Who has inspired you most on your entrepreneurial journey?

Next Gen and Gary Vee

Next Gen with people like Dylan and Justin are just the greatest people alive.  I think when you're filled with love, passion and genuine care, it really goes a long way and people will gravitate towards that. 

I get inspired SO much from Gary Vee all the time. He really drilled in my head the focus on execution. 
Most people daydream too much about doing things but don't actually follow through, and that's the biggest thing that you need to start doing: TAKE ACTION. It doesn't have to be perfect and it's going to change drastically along the way. But you need to start taking action to get somewhere. As a good friend of mine and a life coach, Torrey Ross, once said "Any step forward is still a step forward."

How do you create a work/life balance?

I don't really! I just grind and grind. Although recently one of my best friends Jayology gave me some great advice.  He said to grind as hard as you want but take at least 1-2 days completely off to focus on yourself, family, friends and your loved ones. 

I'm trying to work on that to create more of a balance but as a guy with too much energy, ADHD and passion, it's a little hard to do sometimes.

Your Personal Bible: The Bible - Best book for love, humility and purpose in life. 
Apple or PC: Apples are tastier ;)
Fave Film: Nightmare Before Christmas - It's a trip from style to characters to story.

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