Spotlight on Arianna Armelli

Meet Arianna Armelli - Founder and CEO of Dorothy, a platform mainstreaming flood risk and disaster preparedness.


Tell us about Dorothy.

Dorothy is repackaging flood risk information for the public by providing the necessary awareness and identifying missed coverage for home owners and buyers PRIOR to a major hurricane or storm.

What is the best piece of personal advice you’ve ever received? How about advice you’ve given?

A professor and mentor at UPenn told me in order to make things happen all you need to do is "show up" the rest will follow. 

The advice I stick by in myself and tell others is to trust your gut. Whether it's with people or business, your gut instinct is always right.

What do you want to be remembered for?

: If me or my company is remember for anything, it will be that we some how made a positive difference in preparing people for hurricanes and flooding.

Go-To Strutting Down the Street, Confidence Boost Power Song: Bodak Yellow by Cardi b
Your Personal Bible: My sketch book
Sunday afternoon nirvana: A solo bike ride to wherever..

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