Spotlight on Antoine Voyer

Meet Antoine Voyer - Co-founder of a small cryptocurrency mining company as well as CFO and co-founder of Boho Bracelets.

What was the first entrepreneurial idea you ever had? Any ideas you’re currently incubating?

All my childhood, I certainly had that entrepreneurial side that always wanted to sell things or start a business. From selling chewing gum to mowing lawns every week, I regularly had ideas that I tried to bring to fruition. However, my first genuine entrepreneurial idea was to manufacture and sell bracelets. I founded with some colleagues Boho Bracelets some time ago, selling more than 300 bracelets in our three first months. We had thirteen bracelet models that sold in a few stores and on our website. We continued for a while, but we, unfortunately, had to cease our operations last June. We are currently considering restarting our business, hoping to increase our sells on the internet and putting our utmost efforts into marketing. 

As for now, I am one of the co-founders of a small cryptocurrency mining company in Quebec city. A few friends of mine and I thought cryptocurrencies were extremely interesting and promising, and so we decided to invest a lot of our time into getting to know the technology and the market. We now have many cryptocurrency miners and are looking to purchase some more!

What are your best hacks for productivity?

For me, the best way to be productive is to love what you do! When I start doing something that I fancy, I can work for hours without end. With Boho Bracelets, for instance, when I was the chief financial officer, I was able to spend most of my free time seeking new methods to optimize profits. It’s also no wonder that my current project is in cryptocurrencies! I love the technology and getting to know it, and that’s what drives me to work every day to improve it. Of course, I nevertheless have to do some things that I don’t necessarily want to, but the love for most of what I undertake is what makes me wake up in the morning and makes my life that much better.

What was your most life-changing experience?

Last year, I decided to enroll in an entrepreneurial school near Quebec city and have just graduated from the entrepreneurial camp last summer. Through the teachings of many mentors, the school truly put in perspective both my personal and professional life. The school made me understand, for example, that I have to stop doing the things that don’t make me happy in life. Many had already told me so, but the camp indeed put some meaning to it and made me realize that my life was not necessarily how I wanted it to be. I learned how to make my business grow, to lead human resources, to use my creativity to benefit the company, and much more. Most importantly, I made lifelong friends and incredible connections that I know I can rely on, both for my business or life in general. It is, as a matter of fact, one of these friends that led me to this group!

Apple or PC: Apple

Fave Film: Anything from 'Marvel'

Best trip you ever took: Humanitarian trip to Nicaragua

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