Spotlight on Anthony Zhang

Meet Anthony Zhang - one of the founders of Know Your VC,  a platform that promotes the sharing of experiences with various venture capital firms and angel investors. These reviews allow prevent founders from working with bad investors and has become especially important in the wake of sexual harassment reports in Silicon Valley.


Tell us about Know Your VC.

We are a platform for founders to anonymously or publicly share vetted reviews on VCs & Angels - both good and bad.  

Since launching in August, we have seen an incredible response from the founder community with over 200,000 investor searches performed on the platform. Every review is verified before published to the platform, and we are bringing much-needed transparency and accountability to the space. 

Additionally, founders of all backgrounds, especially first time or underrepresented founders, will be able to access valuable investor insights that previously only experienced founders in small tightknit circles had.  

Why did you start it?

After news broke about Justin Caldbeck, Dave McClure and other prominent VCs being accused of sexual harassment, it shocked us that these investors who were idolized by so many people were able to keep their misconduct hidden for so long. Especially in such a relationship driven industry, we think it's extremely important to have first-hand recommendations when one is making a decision. 


How does Know Your VC have the opportunity to invoke change regarding sexual harassment in the venture capital space?

3We have put a lot of thought in developing this platform to be a place where all founders, especially when dealing with harassing or discriminatory situations, can feel safe in reporting their experiences. This is why there is a question in each review submission about whether or not the investor ever behaved inappropriately, and founders can choose to privately record their experience and not anonymously publish it until others have come forward privately with similar experiences.  Additionally, every review is manually verified before publishing the platform and we request evidence/supplementary materials for the more serious cases. 

Haley Smith