Spotlight on Angela Oliva

Meet Angela Oliva - Founder of The Millennial Mentors & Empowering Young Professionals in their Career Journeys

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Tell us about The Millennial Mentors (TMM).

I spent 11 years in the Management Consulting industry, which is the ultimate corporate service, and I saw there was an unfilled need to help young professionals. In the industry of Corporate Service, we have Professional Management Consultants for companies, we have wonderful Career Coaches for executives, but we don’t have Career Mentors or advisors for young professionals. Managers find it hard to understand their millennial workforce, companies are challenged to retain this group and there is a mistaken notion that neither generation is willing to take the time to understand the other.

At TMM, I work with young professionals on writing out their personal career story and how that translates to their resumes, the jobs they seek, their interview skills, and, most importantly, the on-the-job performance. I have worked with multiple people making career transitions or shifting industries and I teach them how to translate their unique skillset into the required skills for their target job. I also work to prepare our young professionals to navigate and succeed in today’s modern workforce & understand how they can learn from others with more experience.

In what ways do you support your personal development?

It is detrimental to believe that you have to be emotionally drained, busy from dawn to dusk and have no chance of a social or personal life to be "successful". We certainly all have to pay our dues and put in a high investment of hours in learning the technical skills around any career but taking the time to grow your mind, your inner self and to discover what fulfills your passion is the ultimate goal. The passion you bring to your day to day and the self-awareness you have in yourself will set you far apart from the competition. 

What I have done to help myself continue to grow on a personal level is create set rituals each day that are just meant to explore my inner being; I get in steps while listening to podcasts, I have a book of daily lessons in my office, I write in a gratitude journal each day and I take a few moments of personal awareness to start and end the day. 

In my journey to find my calling, I heard many of the people that I look up to say things along the lines of "find something you love to do so much that you would do it for free". When you take the time to listen to your inner self, you might find that you already know what your passion and your calling are!

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for being completely unafraid to stand up for what is right; for myself, for others and for the world.

Words you live by: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken! 

Your Personal Bible (Book, Magazine): Oprah Super Soul Sunday Podcasts

Apple or PC: Apple all day!

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