Spotlight on Andy Rivera

Meet Andy Rivera - Marketing Communications Manager at Boss Media and life coach.

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What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever been given, and how has it contributed to your career?

DO WHAT YOU CAN'T. This solid piece of advice has been presented to me in some shape of form by various successful figures throughout my career.

Since life has a funny way of reinforcing our destiny, I was reminded yet again to "do what I can't" last week when Casey Neistat's lovely face appeared on my Youtube feed. He shared a video which very accurately sums up the essence of this powerful phrase. You can check it out here:

 What are your best hacks for productivity?

1. Wake up before sunrise.
2. Do NOT look at emails, text messages, or social media for at least 1 hour after you wake up. (Note: You can set whatever time frame you deem necessary, but stick to it. Ex: Don't look at phone until 12pm.)
3. Use time blocks for your daily tasks. First, prepare a monthly goal plan and break down your large objectives into smaller tasks. Then, create time-blocks during the week where 100% of your focus goes into accomplishing that particular goal. Because where focus goes, energy flows.
4. Bust a sweat every day.
5. If you're a content creator or a social media marketer, create rock solid post templates and use regularly them to cut your design time in half and maintain consistency throughout your feed.
6. Use instrumental "focus" music in the background to stay concentrated & keep the momentum going. 
7. Get rid of your smart phone's notifications. Just trust me and thank me later. 
8. Stop Multitasking. (hardest one by far)
9. Learn how to say NO.

What are your top strategies for networking?

After pursuing a career in Sales & Marketing for over past 10 years, you learn a thing or two about the Art of Networking. Here are some key steps you should always consider:

1. Build rapport FIRST. Break the ice with a friendly conversation over topics of the other person's interest. If you're looking to connect with a specific person at an event (ex: a speaker at NextGen Summit), take a look at their latest social media post. Was it about basketball, food, the weather, a business they're launching...? Talk about THAT because that, my friends, is your gateway to an awesome conversation.
2. Once you've become acquainted, you can start talking business. Pivot the conversation from personal to professional.
3. Have a list of questions ready at all times because life is a rollercoaster & you never know the amazing people you will meet along the way. 
4. Since non-verbal language is 80% of the message, you absolutely HAVE to smile. When building B2B connections, my mentor always stated, "If you walk through their door without a smile, you're part of the problem, not the solution." It's a simple factor that we tend to forget, & yet makes all the difference in the world.
5. Humble is the way to go. Talk about your journey in an honest way and vulnerable way. This opens up the dancefloor to significant things such as empathy & relatability. People respect that!
4. Bring value to the table. We all have a set of skills that can legitimately help other human beings in one way or another. How can you be of assistance to the person you are trying to connect with?
5. Ask for their contact information and keep the relationship going. If you forget to follow up, the connection dies and you will quickly be forgotten.


Your Personal Bible: On the Shortness of Life by Seneca
Words you live by: Trust the process
Idol: Marie Forleo

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