Spotlight on Amani Phipps

Meet Amani Phipps: Passionate, forward-thinking Business Aficionado, Amani is an entrepreneur, student, fellow, & opportunity zone specialist.

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What inspired you to get into your line of work?

I can say my biggest inspiration is People. 

I started my entrepreneurial journey because I wanted to find opportunities to be free and to create a path that worked for me. I have always had a passion for helping, nurturing, supporting, and creating opportunities for others. All through my life I tried to find that ability to accomplish just that inside a career, but I could never find anything that satisfied my overwhelming desire to learn, or came close to the magnanimous impact I desire to have. 

Once I dropped out of college to start my third failed business, I realized that though risky this entrepreneurial journey was the only thing that would allow me to create the type of life I wanted to live, while additionally impacting others in the way I hope to.

What is your ‘genius space’?

I believe I find my most innovative ideas in three places:

1. Relaxed with the lights dimmed, a neon set of lights, and jazz music..this is my creative catalyst! 
2. In a space surrounded by other open minded entrepreneurs...Like Next Gen Summit! 
3. Any space I have that I can actually engage in conversation with myself..aha oddly enough being able to speak and hear my own thoughts help me process and truly tune into my inner genius!

What are your top strategies for networking?

I am really a major advocate of Organic Networking. I think often times, people try so hard to provide value or think of the perfect question to maximize their moment that they lose touch of their humanity and that's where relationships are built. 

Any event I go to I try to proactively scout who will be in attendance and make note of a select group of individuals I inevitably will communicate with. I will ensure I have my conversations with these individuals, but then I leave myself open to honest and open networking. I have conversations that build lasting relationships and foster that relationship in the months or years to come. 

I truly find that's where the value is.

Words you live by: Nothing Can stop you from the change you will create! 
Breakfast of Champions: Bakes and Saltfish with Cocoa Tea (Caribbean Breakfast of Champions) 
Confidence Boost Power Song: Anything SOCA

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